Thought Experiment: For Or Against

Thought Experiment: For Or Against


'The Art of Stones' By Rasheedhrasheed
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 July 2019

What are you, without the things you're against? We sometimes focus so much on what we reject, hate, despise, that we neglect to define what we're for, what we want to dedicate our lives to, what we're striving to achieve. Don't confuse the 'wish list' we put forward as ideal with defining those things we support; what we name as a 'perfect' version of ourselves is different (more or less, in most cases) than what we actually spend our time doing, supporting through action, choice, and attention. For instance, we might see ourselves as highly supportive of education in all its forms-but if we're neither involved in educating others (which requires a certain level of knowledge/ expertise ourselves) or in actively gaining knowledge (as opposed to reinforcing what we already believe/ know), then we aren't living that concept we see as part of what defines us. And there's the further temptation to re-frame that as a kind of statement, such as 'I hate ignorance'-but as we know, hating something we define as the opposite of our ideal doesn't actually get us any closer to living that ideal, it only sends our energy and attention toward something we've already stated we don't want more of. That's irony in action.

There are a few places and bodies in the chart that can clue us in to ways we might be prone to mislead ourselves, in terms of aggravating a gulf between who we think we are, and who we are in our interactions with current, three-dimensional reality. First place to look might be the 7th House, the place we are most prone to project the energies it represents. It's possible to see the negative sides of these in others, and never move on from there, believing, say, that Mercury there gives the experience of others who talk and talk and don't think, for example, or that Pluto there shows us a darkness in others which we absolutely refuse to see as potentially in ourselves. It's a matter of ownership: do you see those 7th House energies in all their dimensionality, and accept them as part of yourself? There's also the possibility that you see the positive qualities of that body but are convinced they belong only to others-Uranus there may seem to grant everyone else freedom that it feels like you're denied, or Venus there may make you feel like others are beautiful, fortunate, or in some way favored that you can only long to be.

Where Saturn sits, we may have the natural inclination to repress others or judge others, believing it's the negative qualities of the sign we must rail against-and yet, if we are adequately disciplined and connected to reality ourselves, we are likely to find this judgmental need falling away. We lose the need to judge others (I don't mean assess, use discernment, or recognize who they are, I mean condemn) when we learn kindness, when we are able to recognize commonalities-and when we can apply that kindness, that realization that we are human, to ourselves.

Neptune is famous for offering up delusions about who we are (especially if connected to the personal planets), but it also tells us what energies align with our genuine ideals, and it points us toward where our creative energy can not just best express, but flourish. Pluto, of course, can frighten, with the glimpse of the darkness it offers, even the threat of our own personal hell, but it can transform us with the way it can offer change, an energy for re-birth and re-making that feels massive and elemental, but that is malleable, when we accept its impact and then strive to shape inevitable change in a desired form.

Chiron, of course, points to the wound, the primal injury that must, if we're to deal with it successfully, be excavated and recognized, owned and, hopefully, released. Vesta needs thorough examination specifically because it describes what we care about at a Universal, spiritual level; to understand the message of Vesta is to understand, on a most human and individual level, why we are here-or should I say, what we are here to do. As the representative of what we most want to dedicate our life energies to (and this may be literal, in matters described by the sign in which it sits) or symbolic, centering on a concept or value, Vesta can offer us a standard against which to measure every choice: does this resonate with how and where I wish to spend my life energy? If so, carry on! And, once Chiron is to some extent explored, Vesta energy can be combined with the gift that inspection of Chiron will illuminate, the highly specialized thing that only you can offer the world in that very precise way-and you end up with a solid recipe for a rewarding and spiritually fulfilling life path.

Unfettered optimism, a refusal to recognize what's not relevant, working, or for us as individuals, can be as destructive as a negative pall on every subject; neither approach allows for nuance, context, or the particular talents and viewpoint of the individual. It's in listening to the Universe, to the response we get from it in answer to our actions and thoughts, and in then following the prompts, not of the ego, but of the Soul, that we're most likely to find that thing, that circumstance, we don't even know we're looking for.