Full Moon 7 March 2023 We're Not in Oz Anymore

Full Moon 7 March 2023 We're Not in Oz Anymore

Full Moon 7 March 2023 We're Not in Oz Anymore

Evolution of a Tornado.jpg
This image is created from eight images shot in two sequences as a tornado formed north of Minneola, Kansas on May 24, 2016. This prolific supercell went on to produce at least 12 tornadoes and at times had two and even three tornadoes on the ground at once.
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That dynamic of Earth and Moon in Virgo-framing emotional and material matters as practically-oriented, accountable, detail-aware, all with an eye to what will be produced (the harvest)-opposed the Sun in Pisces-the illumination of the creative, the ideals, of delusions and deceptions, of inspirations and dreams-is always one of learning how the two energies can be woven together, to support each other in ways that maximize their positive qualities. It takes organization, method, and attention to detail to successfully create, just as it takes an ideal against which to measure what one has built. The two ends of this axis, just like every other cross-pairing in the horoscope, at best work together to make a whole larger than the sum of their parts-or butt heads endlessly, as the critic and the dreamer find it impossible to connect.

This Full Moon, perfecting at 4:40 Am PST 7 March at 16 Virgo 40, enters into this necessary dialogue between the energies of the two ends of the axis obliquely, largely through a set of quincunxes to the Moon-Earth combo. In this instance I'd stretch the quincunx to about 3.5 degrees either side of exact, for the simple reason that the cluster of energies are themselves conjoined; it's like the energies ricochet off one another, and in their blending then relate, more or less, to the Lunar event.

We're counting Jupiter, Chiron, and Venus, all in Aries, as the pivotal players at this point. Those Virgoan Lunar energies funnel down to material matters (Earth) by what needs adjustment, what cries out for modification, what requires change by the fact of the friction the two ends of the aspect are creating. So, we see a Self or action-orientation (Aries) of the emotions (Moon) in areas of relationship or finances (Venus), in our response to wounds, especially long-standing ones (Chiron), and in both our place in the social arena and our attempts to exploit opportunity or expand our world (Jupiter). This can bring realization or the coalescing of a picture that's been gathering for some time, one focused on who we are and how we feel about that image/ role in one or more of the aforementioned categories.

The Lunar energy is one that examines, and possibly critiques, these identity functions/ roles, but something we'll need to remember is that the picture presented is an interpretation run through our emotional lens. Yes, we'll be perusing material circumstances as 'evidence', but the reality is that what we see is derived from feelings, from our most vulnerable reactions to things, and not from any objective scenario. If we can remember that what we're seeing is our own reaction to things that have made us feel very sensitive, to matters where we feel nakedly vulnerable, then we have a chance of gaining some perspective on ourselves, but looking at what kind of reaction we're having, or interpretation we're arriving at.

It's no accident that the areas quincunx the Moon are some of the areas where we feel most exposed as individuals. The tender connections among our Self-esteem, our feelings, and our relationships (Venus-and don't underestimate the impact finances can have on how we see and assess ourselves, either), our childhood wounds we still carry and often respond automatically to (Chiron), and the place we believe we fall in the 'pecking order' of life (Jupiter). All these are hyper-sensitive, and will be triggered, through some discomfort that comes forward, at the time of the Full Moon. These tornadoes, big or small, will lift us out of the world as we've seen it, distorted by our imaginings, and set us down somewhere solid, that we need to assess-all we'll know for sure is that we're not in Oz, anymore-but where will we be?

The trine from Uranus in Taurus to Moon-Earth, and a novile of the Full Moon to the Black Moon Lilith point, may explain things in a little more detail (something this Moon may demand!) Uranus suggests that either approaching things as an individual, solely responsible for oneself, or as part of a group, one of which you are actively a member, may be the best way to go-though only you will know which offers you better support. There is also the way Uranus might simply 'spring' our feelings on us-we may be going along, thinking we don't care much one way or the other-then bam! The novile implies that Lunar events (which we might even classify as Lunar feelings) offer a way of uncovering what's been ignored, denied, or hidden, or that has enraged us even as we've refused to respond, and that this is, in some way, genius, either in the brilliance of what it allows us to see, or in supplying a smart way to handle things that's beyond what we might've come up with on our own.

This Full Moon, through the discomfort and gentle discord it engenders, lifts us out of some illusory way we've been existing, and takes us to a spot where we are better able to see ourselves clearly, to see what function (Virgo) we actually have, and what ways we actually serve (also Virgo). The Full Moon Sabian is, 'A Volcanic Eruption'. So, upheaval, a combination of the Earth of Virgo and the flowing quality of Pisces-but we must remember this applies to a highly individual experience (Aries, the Uranus trine)-a Fire one, yes-but a volcano overwhelms, subsumes, and so destroys, while a tornado (my interpretation) can lift one up and put one down just as neatly; though certainly destructive, a tornado transports-and that's a little more what I see, particularly with the quincunxes. Undoubtedly, some of you will have a fiery episode-this volcano's for you!

We also look at the Sun for the 'origin story': 'An Easter Parade'. Well, that's unexpected! Is this image pinpointing a time in the near future, the Full Moon offering a 'if things keep going as they are' scenario, or is it more about pride? To be in a parade one literally displays something-a creation, a skill, a belief, an affiliation-they're proud of, something they want to 'show off'-perhaps this is pointing us toward Uranus and the uniqueness of each of us that, if it gets out of hand, can undermine precisely the kind of things we cherish most, those Venusian and Jupiterian experiences, as well as our attempts to heal what has been so badly marred (Chiron). This Full Moon requires us to have an experience of leaving one place (an illusory one, or one we no longer see with clarity) behind, and embrace critically where we then find ourselves-and it may be in our most unique qualities (Uranus) and our group and individual identities (Uranus, the Sun, Jupiter) that we'll find ways to align ourselves with the new 'territory' we come to occupy.