201 | My Experience with Panchakarma, Part 1

201 | My Experience with Panchakarma, Part 1

Join Angela in this solo episode: My Experience with Panchakarma, Part 1. Angela got back a few weeks ago from her first Panchakarma experience and is ready to share a bit of her journey with us. In this episode, she shares her why and what brought her to Panchakarma, how she got there, and what Panchakarma is. Be sure to check back in for Part 2 to learn more!
Learn more about:
o a background on the types of treatm

ents in Ayurveda
o why everything is specific to each individual
o a breakdown of the 5 therapeutic actions described in the ancient texts
o why Angela decided to do Panchakarma and what brought her to choose the specific center for treatment
o a gentle reminder to release expectations and to be open and curious to what life is going to bring, knowing that we don't have full control
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